Seller Policy

Anyone could be a seller in Rolling bazaar. Some of the processes to register and become seller in 'Our' ( ) website are given below:

·    First seller should fill the sign up form with detail information about seller through sell product from our website.

·   Seller must be register in PAN/VAT and provide PAN/VAT number. Even the homemade product/small entrepreneur should register their product in PAN/VAT.

·    After register Rolling bazaar will confirm the seller and they can log in with their email id and password.

·    Your registration won't be accepted if the data provided by you is not genuine. Rolling bazaar hold right to accept and terminate the registration.

·    Seller should submit hardcopy of PAN/VAT certificate, citizenship certificate and full address in our office.

·    Seller should list their product by themselves providing all the relevant information and quality about the product in 'Our' website.

·      Stock, Rate, Photo and Order must be managed by seller themselves.

·    If any customer buy the product, then seller must issue PAN/VAT bill invoice in the name of the customer including their address and attach it with the product after packing

·    Seller will have to pack the order when the order is placed then Rolling bazaar team will pick the product form seller and deliver to the customer.

·    If the seller have delivery option than they can directly deliver some of their product to customer.

·    Seller should also include the commission on the rate of the product which is uploaded in 'Our' website.

·    Commission will vary depending upon the product.

·    If the customer fulfill all the Return and Refund policy, then seller should accept that return product. If the customer wants to replace the product then seller should replace it otherwise refund.

·    Seller will be paid online through Bank transaction every 15 days after the product is delivered to the customer. So he/she should provide Bank Detail in Seller Portal.

· Seller should have the responsibility about the quality of the product. If the product is damaged/defective/incorrect/incomplete/expire than seller should contact the customer and deliver the product to the customer.

·    We hold all the right to fix the commission for the different product. We also reserve right, at our sole discretion, to update, change, or replace any part of these Seller Policy.

·     We reserve right to change/modify or terminate any service with the seller at any time.