आमाको हातको सुत्केरी मसला - 500 gram

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Sutkeri Masala is a traditional food for new moms. Everyone needs a good diet especially when someone has just given birth. A good diet is especially important if you are breastfeeding to ensure that your baby gets all the important nutrients required for proper growth and development. Plus, a balanced diet will help your body produce breast milk and replenish nutrients that you have lost for the benefit of your baby. Following a healthy diet is very important during pregnancy. It is also important for new mothers to eat healthy after the baby is born. It will help you recover from labor and cope well with the new stress and pressure of motherhood Sutkeri is a Nepali term used to describe a mother after giving birth to a baby. According to ancient customs, new mothers are given the sutkeri ko ausedhi along with other nutritious foods after childbirth. It is highly nutritious and an ultimate homemade health supplement for new or breastfeeding moms. Ingredients Milk 2 ltr Ghee 400 gram Cardamom (2 tbsp) Cinnamon(2tbsp) Clove(2 tbsp) Fenugreek (1 tbsp) Almond (250 gram) Cashew nut (250grm) Dill seed (250 gram) Sesame seed (1 cup ) Sugar (mishri 1/2 cup or to taste)

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